Photos from the Field

I’m not much of a photographer, but I do always enjoy taking pictures of the places I visit and the organisms that cross my path. I will update this page on a semi-regular basis as I go back through my collection and find interesting photos. (Note: my main gear includes an iPhone and a $220 Canon PowerShot that I purchased in 2010; so ya…not hoping to win any awards with these shots)

 cardinalnestlings warbler_eyeredknotstatue  woodcreeper  babyalligatorsingingbird southpadre_tx  whippoorwill_kiawahbird2_peruthrush_ki boxturtle_detoad_sc pabu_inhand  ungulates_africa vultures_africa   woodpecker_tx woodstork_kiawah ybchat_eye jay_california lizard_tx me_africa me_arches_utah burrfish_kiawah busybandingday  chachalaca_tx cheetahs cuckoo flower1  salamander flower2 hawk_peru anole_ms  bird1_peru  birds_peru img_4109 img_4088 terrapin  img_4765 yellowthroatedwarbler_fledglingkiawah me_lookingglassnc img_4079

img_0160img_4114 img_4028  kingfisher peru_kingbird img_3230 img_3239 img_0091img_0095img_0172img_3293 boxturtle_oklahoma